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your San Francisco Private Practice
Therapy Office Space For Rent

Part or Full-time Psychology Offices in the City, Peninsula & Bay Area. Rent Therapy, Treatment & Consulting Rooms


Listed here are our SF Bay Area partner locations. All available with our exclusive personalized service to organize office tours.

Fees for offices listed range from approx. $1,000 per month for full-time, and from approx. $200 per month for a dedicated day each week.


Hourly rates range from $20 to $35, and are  available in 8 hour packages (per month).


  • Multiple flexible days, at multiple possible locations, in multiple US cities

  • No need to navigate endless websites and classified listings

  • We simplify the office search process by Partnering with the best Therapy Suites

  • Exclusive personalized service to help organize the office tours

  • We know our Partners and their office Suites, they offer only the highest quality services 

  • Providing excellent refurbished, contemporary locations and services

  • Soundproofing is a standard, as is Therapeutic design and high levels of comfort for both you and your patients​

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