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The perfect therapy suite in the perfect location! Wellspring opening soon...

Wellspring; private office suites for mental health and wellness professionals opening soon in 5 different locations throughout New York City.

Having a private practice will now come with the shared benefits of a group practice such as lower overhead and a communal environment.

When you think of your therapy office the most important thing is for your client to feel comfortable. A psychotherapy suite has to be welcoming and relaxing as well as an effective space for you to run your therapy business successfully. That is why each office at Wellspring will be fully soundproof and will come with independently controlled air conditioning. Some other perks that come with your Wellspring office are: group rates on health insurance, in-house business center, high speed internet, group therapy rooms, kitchenette, regular cleaning and maintenance and much more.

For the past 10 years the owners of Wellspring have run a successful coworking and office suites space on Park Avenue South, LedianSpace. Through the years we have seen an increase in the need for a more specific offices for therapy/psych clients. We have found that a lot of our health and wellness professionals would like a space that is more unique to their needs and offers the amenities that they would find in a group practice; amenities that are focused on their business needs, such as group therapy rooms and specialty specific furniture. This is when we decided to start working on a space that would offer just this to our therapy and psych clients, and so come to be Wellspring.

We have flexible year leases on your commercial space that is ready to move in. Ditch the long and complicated process of finding a private office and rent one at Wellspring! We’ll handle all the setting up so that you can move in and get started.

For some added tips and reasons why you should have your office at a coworking/private office suite location, updates on Wellspring and some other great things we find, like and share with you, follow our blog and social media platforms!

And for some info on the benefits of shared work spaces take a look at this article by Emily Starbuck Crone on

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