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Why Wellspring, and No Fee?
Our fee is covered by the suite owner. But we want to help you, the renter, we'll make a shortlist of offices that best suit your requirements, we arrange the tours and we Negotiate the Prices & Discounts, and it's free!

How can Wellspring Help?
There is no need to navigate endless websites and classified listings. We simplify the office search process by Partnering with the best Therapy Suites. Wellspring handle all the legwork and will bring you the Therapy Suites that best match you and your Practice.

Where are Wellspring Suites?
Wellspring Practice Suites partner with 100+ Practice Suites (and growing) in the NYC metro area. We also have partners in San Francisco and are expanding to other US cities in 2024. We know our Therapy Suite Partners and the quality of their office Suites, they offer only the highest standard of services..

Full, or Part-time?
We offer both! However, the new Hybrid working model means that a lot of Therapists are taking 'dedicated' part-time days each week, not full-time offices. That's a lot of work needed to find the right office!
Wellspring take the headache out of the search and effort required to find your ideal Suite.

frequently asked questions

How does the Contract work?
A therapy office contract consists of a simple licence agreement (similar to a membership agreement) which doesn’t require the use of a solicitor and consequently enables you to avoid expensive legal fees. With just a small deposit to pay before moving in, capital outlay is minimal.

What’s the minimum term I can sign for?
The minimum term varies depending upon the space and in the Suite you wish to rent. On average, the initial license length for a flexible shared  office suite is twelve months, but some providers will allow terms as short as one month, and some as long as three years.

All-inclusive monthly bill?
Once you move in, all the elements of a serviced office – the rent, rates, furnishings, reception and IT support, building maintenance and cleaning services – are usually included in one fixed monthly price. It guarantees total cost control for the tenant, keeping your budget on track.

Is there flexibility to change my workspace in line with my business?
With license agreements available from as little as one month at a time, your practice doesn’t need to be tied down to a long term contract - giving you the flexibility to grow, reduce or change your workspace at short notice to meet your needs. 

Who pays the Wellspring fee?
For independent practitioners, our service is free.

The New Wellspring Online Client Portal
For potential new occupiers and suite owners:
List of your Referrals | Calendar for your Tours | Application Form | Standardized License Agreement (WOLA*) | Insurance Documents | Office Inventory | Move-in Logistics
All Documents and Records, all in One Place!

*Wellspring Occupational License Agreement

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