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As a Healthcare company, our mission is to provide Mental Health Professionals with specialist services to help develop their Practice.

Offering Independent Practitioners with the services only usually available with Group Practice Support.

Services range from Consulting Office Suites, HIPAA compliant Teletherapy, Patient Referrals & Practice Management Software, to Billing Services, Financial Planning & Health Insurance.

Initially envisioned solely as an Office provider for Practitioners, Wellspring pivoted our business model and launched in Q1 2021 as a full-service operation for the Mental Health Professions.​

Wellspring Therapy Suites NYC Inc. is a Start-up company, we have completed a Series A round of funding.

Series B funding round is presently in progress.

For investment opportunities please see: INVESTORS

Wellspring Surveys: We have conducted extensive surveys during the Covid-19 period to learn the future of Therapy. This has inevitably shown that most of the Mental Health market has now gone over to teletherapy, much of it permanently (although this may gradually see some further return to physical offices).

Our surveys show that Practitioners have given up 40% of all their offices post the Covid-19 outbreak - mostly full-time offices.

As Practitioners slowly return back to physical space, there will be a rush to reorganize their routines. The growing trend has now turned to a demand for part-time, flexible offices. We supply offices and services to that market.

Many practitioners need their physical offices to perform consultations either in-person or through use of teletherapy in the office - and many patients need to be consulted in a private space away from their home.

Therapy Practitioners need privacy for legal reasons, especially in New York apartments that can be both difficult to work from and not compliant with industry regulations. Many therapists also simply need the physicality of having an office away from the home. Patients have the same problems with privacy at home, that an in-office visit can provide.

Finally, whilst teletherapy can be a great solution in solving many problems, a Therapist will never get 100% of the intuitive feedback from the patient that an in-person visit provides. We believe that although the market will permanently change, many Practitioners will go back to part-time offices, and after a settling period things will come back to some new sense of normal.

Therapy office demand will continue. We provide the flexible, part-time services that the new requirements of those Therapists demand. 

PLUS, we also provide Online Patient Referral Platforms, HIPAA compliant Teletherapy & Practice Management Software and, complete Group Practice Support.

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