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The Contract:
The Wellspring Occupational License Agreement (WOLA) 

A License is the fastest way to agree on sharing space.

A License, Not a Lease

A "guest" licenses space from a "host" for a "fee", making it faster, easier and more flexible than a traditional lease. More like a membership agreement, a license is most suitable for offices within a shared office suite environment. Unlike a lease, a license does not give the "guest" real estate rights over a specified and predefined area within the suite.

Easily Customizable

Standards for payment, conduct and cancellation are all in there, but you can add your own House Rules to fit the specifics of your building.

A Legal Agreement without the Legalese

Written in simple language to make it easy for "hosts" and "guests" to navigate without lawyers.

Battle Tested

Developed over the past twenty years with real estate attorneys, building owners, coworking businesses and startup founders to provide fair, flexible terms for short-term and shared office space.

Contact us for a draft copy of the Wellspring Occupational License Agreement (WOLA)

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