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The Wellspring Model: A Collaborative Approach

Here at Wellspring our goal is to work with you, our tenants, to make our office spaces as therapeutic as possible. In fact, we see you not so much as tenants, but as clinicians and partners in co-creating the optimally healing milieu for you and your clients. This is one of the ways Wellspring is different: We welcome ongoing conversation about how to improve your office environment.

We also think this is the best way we can avoid being bad landlords! We’ve all had them, and they can make our experience miserable. Here are a few of the mistakes we’d like to avoid (these are from residential tenants, but you get the idea!): take a look at this article on Realty & Mortgage, 5 Landlord Types You Wish You Never Had.

So, how is our approach different? One clear example is our survey. We’ve reached out to thousands of clinicians in the New York area to understand your needs and desires and to incorporate these into decisions about location, office layout and design, amenities and so forth. In other words, we’re seeking out your input before we even design our spaces! If you haven’t had a chance to complete the survey yet, check it out: Wellspring Practice Centers Survey.

That said, the survey is just a start: What really makes a difference is ongoing collaboration. If you’re like me, you only think of contacting your landlord when there’s a problem—like a clogged drain or a malfunctioning intercom. And, of course, at Wellspring we want to respond to such concerns as quickly as possible. In fact, we have a dedicated email address for these issues, and commit to respond to them within 24 hours. Just contact us at:

Beyond maintenance concerns, though, we’d really like to hear your feedback, ideas and suggestions for your office suite. We want to know how we can improve your experience, and we can’t do that without your input. Are we organizing the communal space effectively? Does the Business Center have everything you need? Could the Online Practice Portal be more helpful to you? Are there services you need that we didn’t think of? What do you value most about the space? What can we do better?

Also, what do your patients think? Do they have feedback for us? Perhaps thoughts about the waiting areas? Have they encountered any problems in the suite or in the building? We’re concerned about your patients’ comfort too, and believe that their experience in the suite is a part of a positive treatment experience overall. They can’t contact us directly but you can, and you should feel free to pass on any concerns or suggestions they voice to you.

We provide several avenues for you to reach out to us at any time, day or night. Use the email above for repairs or other maintenance problems. If you have other concerns or suggestions—such as the schedule for a communal space, or problems with the kitchenette or Business Center, or any thoughts about the layout of the suite—you can contact us at: Finally, if you have any clinical concerns, perhaps a concern about a patient’s reaction to something in the suite, you can contact our primary clinical consultant, Dr. Condon, at

These avenues of communication are always open and we hope you’ll take advantage of them. We can’t promise that we’ll always be able to resolve your concerns immediately, or that we’ll be able to institute everything you might suggest. But we can promise that we will always listen to your input, treat your concerns with respect, and take your perspective seriously. Improving your space is an ongoing process that starts with your insights. At Wellspring, we’re always open to having that conversation.

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