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Starting Your Own Practice

Starting Your Own Practice:

How Wellspring is Here to Help

So you’re ready to open your own practice. You’ve completed your training, fulfilled all of your licensure requirements, and you’re fully professionally equipped to see private clients in your own independent office. Congratulations!

But now the question is, how do you get started? You probably have a million questions. How do you find the office that’s right for you? How should you bill for your services? What are the pros and cons of incorporating? How do you go about finding your own health insurance? At Wellspring, not only are we here to help but we have the experience and resources to guide you through this difficult and often intimidating process.

First, let’s tackle the all-important question of where to find an office. Of course, that’s our specialty! And when you’re just getting started, we offer much more than just great office spaces: We offer unmatched Searchability and Flexibility.

Searchability means we’re a one-stop-shop for many different offices and locations. Other websites’ listings are fragmented and redundant (think Craigslist). Wellspring’s website lists multiple offices in a variety of prime locations, all from the same landlord, making it easy for you to shop around, compare amenities and prices, and even ask us questions about different options.

Flexibility means we can tailor your first lease to your individual business needs. Perhaps you need to start with a smaller office. Or, like many clinicians just launching a practice, maybe you want an office part-time for a couple of days or even half days. Maybe you’d even like morning hours on some days and evening hours on other days. Because of our scope we can better accommodate these diverse needs, as well as give you more options to expand as your practice grows.

In addition—because at Wellspring we believe in supporting our clinicians—we offer a variety of unique amenities that can make the transition into private practice easier. For example, we provide:

  • Professional Billing, Accounting and Legal Services, all at group rates: Beyond saving you money, this takes the mystery out of finding the right services because all of our service professionals are pre-screened and specialize in working with mental health providers.

  • Group rates on Health Insurance: Apart from office rent, this is often a practicing clinician’s largest expense. However, Wellspring offers premium plans at significantly lower group rates, an option that’s almost never available to independent practitioners.

  • Online Practice Portal: Our online inter-office communications portal allows you to meet and connect with other clinicians. Have a question? Just ask your colleagues! We make it easy to use the resources within your office suite to learn how to set up and grow your business.

Of course, you don’t have to use any of these services. They’re completely independent of your lease, but they’re there if you need them.

Why do we provide all this? Because we know private practice isn’t easy, and we understand how hard it can be to get one off the ground. Building a successful business doesn’t happen overnight, but the more we can help with the details, the more you can focus on what you do best: helping your clients. In the end, that’s what will really help your business to grow.

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