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Relaxing Outdoor

Rent Flexible Biotech Laboratory Office Space for Life Sciences

Biotech startup companies typically start out by renting benches from an incubator or shared lab space


We've Partnered with the Best Labs & Incubators to Build

an Office Network


A Network with Fair Terms & Negotiated Prices to Connect You to Your Best Office Match


We've Surveyed &  Researched the Lab Space Office Market, so You Don't Have to 

Don't waste time looking
for offices we've already
screened & approved

See our network of New York 
Lab Spaces and Incubators,
with locations 
US nationwide

Our team place hundreds
of startups nationwide
each month

Part + full-time flexible offices, multiple locations, no long leases, furnished and equipped space,
all immediately available

Opening a startup,
expanding a small business,
single or multiple Lab desks

Whether Opening a Biotech startup, expanding a small R & D business, developing medical devices, let us find your new Lab Space

Sublet Coworking Life Sciences Space for Biotech Wet & Dry Laboratory Offices

Legwork Done
Tour Offices Pictures
Laboratory Scientist
Petri Dish
Lab Grown Meat
There's no need to navigate endless websites and classified listings.
We simplify the office search process by Partnering with the Best Labs & Incubators
Wellspring handle all the legwork and will Introduce Offices that Best Match 'you' and 'your' Practice
And it's free!



Tour Office Options:


Tour proposed locations in-person or virtually and let us know which spaces you love most.

Sign Contract:


A License Agreement written in simple language to make it easy for "hosts" and "guests" to navigate without lawyers.

Select an Office (or Three):


Browse our Network, or give our team some information on your Wishlist, and we'll shortlist your best matches.


We’re here to help Match and Introduce the perfect space based on your Practice’s needs:

Locations, number of Clinicians, budget, atmosphere, and days needed/week.​

support + solutions

Finding an office? We've done all the legwork for you

We know what therapists and wellness professionals need in their office spaces. We also know how difficult and time consuming it is to find the right office on the right terms.

That’s why we’re here. We have the industry knowledge, inventory and flexibility to meet your needs now and in the future.

We want to help, we'll make a shortlist, arrange the tours and secure you real value on your office.


Individual Private Practice:


Full or part-time office spaces with the flexibility - come back at your own pace

Group Practices:


Flexible office spaces to meet the needs of your clinicians - even multiple locations

Larger Organizations:


Dedicated days, multiple office spaces across multiple cities

About us

Opening a Private Practice? Expanding your Group Practice?

Let us help!! We have the tools and expertise to guide you through the business challenges ahead.

From Therapy offices to software tools, ideal for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and other mental health professionals, as well as allied wellness-promoting disciplines.

A great fit for Creative Arts Therapists, Spiritual & Holistic Life Coaches, Executive Coaches, Mindfulness/ Meditation Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Trauma Therapists, Aromatherapists, Pregnancy Coaches, Fertility Counselors, Career & Business Coaches, Family Planning Counselors, Sports Therapists, Pain Management Doctors, and others.

Life coaching
For Providers
Therapist and Patient
office of private practice therapist
team discussion at a therapy suites location conference room in nyc
2 chairs and 1 sofa
The New Wellspring Online Client Portal
For potential new occupiers and suite owners - Launching Winter 2022:
List of your Referrals | Calendar for your Tours | Application Form | Standardized License Agreement (WOLA*)
| Insurance Documents | Office Inventory | Move-in Logistics
All Documents and Records, all in One Place!

*Wellspring Occupational License Agreement
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