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Wellspring Practice Suites are looking to partner with existing Practice Suites that have excess capacity of offices to place our member Practitioners.

You're probably having some difficulties finding full-time tenants. Hybrid working means many Therapists are taking dedicated part-time days, not full-time offices. That's a lot more marketing, a lot more work!

Wellspring handle all the marketing and will bring you these Therapists and match days together. We rent directly from you and then onto our Therapist clients. We may become your next full-time client!

Wellspring take the headache out of the marketing and effort required to find Practitioners for your Suite. We handle the License Agreements, Insurances and move-in details. 

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How It Works

Wellspring is a peer-to-peer technology platform connecting practitioners who are looking for offices, with practitioners who have spare offices available. A marketplace for hosts + guests.

As therapists head back to the office after COVID, it's clear that the industry has experienced  a major change - teletherapy!

Many therapists are not seeing face-to-face patients, or far more rarely. However, they still require an office so as to move out from their kitchen table and the makeshift home workspaces.

With Hybrid working, few therapists are taking leases on full-time offices. The market is now a hybrid matching of individual dedicated days (the same day each week). We handle all this for you.

Depending on the client and the contract T & C agreed, we either charge you a one-off service fee, or rent directly from you and then onto our Therapist clients.

The New Wellspring Online Client Portal
For potential new occupiers and suite owners - Launching Summer 2022:
List of your Referrals | Calendar for your Tours | Application Form | Standardized License Agreement (WOLA*) | Insurance Documents | Office Inventory | Move-in Logistics
All Documents and Records, all in One Place!

*Wellspring Occupational License Agreement