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Therapy Effectiveness : Strength from Within a Room

Therapy Effectiveness : Strength from Within a Room

When we think of a “traditional” therapy session in our minds most of us probably picture a bland room with a beige or taupe colored bland couch and a chair where our therapist sits and writes notes on our session.

When did therapy become this bland setting; a setting that lacks creativity and inspiration? When did our therapists offices get this bad reputation? The therapists I know are creative, energetic and inspiring people, why shouldn’t their offices reflect their personalities?

Picture your next therapy session in a room overlooking a beautiful NYC day; a room that is bright and airy with comfortable, contemporary furniture and art on the walls that makes you feel like you can do anything and the world is your oyster. This is what therapy is all about.

In her blog series, Therapy Rocks! Jodie Gale, a Sydney, Australia based Soul-Centered Psychotherapist and Eating Psychology Specialist, quotes Lionel Corbett in the Sacred Cauldron: Psychotherapy as Spiritual Practice, “When the therapist is aware that he or she is in service to the soul – and this attitude does not need to be spoken – the therapy room becomes the sacred space, the hour becomes sacred time, and the process becomes a ritual in the best sense of that word.”

Our office can have a huge impact on our business. In an article on by Eva Ritvo M.D., a vitality expert and psychiatrist based out of Miami Beach, tells you the a story of how a couple seeking couples therapy had a great connection with a therapist, however, decided not to work with the therapist because the office was in such dire shape that it ended up distracting them throughout their session and they felt the distraction would result in an unsuccessful therapy session. The article, The Therapist’s Office, How our environment impacts our practice, shines a light on how important our office can be in describing how we value our business and our clients.

For inspiration on your therapy and healthcare office, take a look at Jodie Gale’s article on Creative Spaces: Inside 25 Counseling & Psychotherapy Rooms, a great look at 25 different therapists practices and the uniqueness in each one of their therapy spaces.

Wellspring has new individual offices in a mental health and wellness, shared, serviced office environment. We will have locations throughout New York City. All of our locations will provide therapists and health care professionals with a unique nyc psych that reflects their personality and their practice. A place where their clients can feel comfortable and relaxed. Wellspring will not only have great offices, it will also come with the benefits that are found in shared serviced office centers space such as, a kitchen and pantry, a business center, and group billing rates on a range of professional services.

A great way to have a professional independent practice while benefiting from the group practice incentives.

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