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9 Helpful Tips to Find the Right Therapy Office in NYC

We struggle to find the right apartment, the right job, the right office, the right mate, etc., etc., the list goes on, especially in a city like New York. With its fierce competition when it comes to pretty much everything from having enough time to put together paperwork, to renting a space before someone else beats you to it, or organizing a meet up with a fellow dating app match before someone else meets up with them first!

The struggle is real and that’s why here at Wellspring we have put together 9 tips that we have found help people find a great psych office. We can’t help you with the dating app or the apartment but hey, at least we can help you find an awesome therapy space!

1. Start your search with a specialty psych office site. There are a lot of websites out there that are great at narrowing down the options, putting together different landlords and availability of ​rental spaces,​ as well as getting office tours set up for you - and this is free for you the renter! Yes, FREE! The space usually pays the broker fee that these sites require, so why not take advantage and have someone help you with this grueling process? Here are a couple of links to websites our clients have worked with in the past.

2. Check out as mentioned above - this is the Craigslist of Psych Offices! It’s awesome! There are so many listings and they are all organized by neighborhood, which takes us to our next tip.

3. Know what neighborhood you want to look in, or at least have a couple neighborhoods in mind, then you can start to narrow down the search and hone in on the right space. If you need a little help on this one take a look at this article, NYC Neighborhood Guides on TimeOut New York to read up on the different neighborhoods of NYC.

4. Know your clients. Knowing your clients and the vibe that they like and enjoy will also really help you on the process of elimination. You may want a hip space versus a more corporate space , or you may want a more corporate style versus a hip one. Take a look at this article by Sally Painter on, Décor Ideas for Therapists' Offices, she gives you a ton of tips and ideas on how to decorate your office. And now this tip leads us to our next point - know the vibe you want in your space!

5. In a recent blog post we wrote about creating your ideal office space, Therapy Effectiveness Strength from Within a Room we discuss how our office can have a huge impact on our business and our clients. Tip number 5 is really very simple, make sure you love your office. When you set everything up, make sure it makes YOU happy and makes YOU feel good, because this will translate over to your clients. Pick a neighborhood that you love and is convenient. Hang art up on the walls that inspires you, paint the walls a color that motivates you. This is your second home and you should feel as comfortable in your office as you do at home.

6. Make use of other helpful websites that will show you available offices in NYC, such as They have a huge selection of offices and their customer service is great! They are super helpful and will assist you through the process of touring an office up until booking the office on their website. Although they do not specialize in psych offices, they do specialize in hourly and daily rentals and are a great tool to use when you are starting your search and/or looking for hourly/daily booking options.

7. Looking for a part-time office or looking to share your psych office part-time? will help you find a part-time space by connecting you with someone who is looking to share their office!

8. Keep your business information handy so that when you do find the right office you are ready to move forward quickly, because if there is one thing we all know about NYC is that things move fast!

9. And of course, please check out, we have some great offices! Wellspring is opening multiple locations, our website has a variety of office sizes, different neighborhoods, full-time and part-time, all from one provider. In other words, it's more like one-stop shopping!

We hope this list of helpful tips will aide you in your search for your next psych office. We continue to learn different tips and helpful information from our clients and from working in the office suite business. If you have further tips you would like to share please add them in the comments section! Lets spread the love and share information so that we can make finding an office easy and fun! And to stay up to date on Wellspring Suites and the neighborhoods and office locations opening soon follow us on social media :)



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